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Fan art – Loisel

I recently tried some character modeling in Magicavoxel, since I usually focus on environments. Started this time with a fanart from the French comic "la quete de l'oiseau du temps" by Regis Loisel. This is what I came up with : I tried some quick animation to...

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Lost temple

After many days of exploration, losing all your men to diseases and old traps, you finally found this huge ruin of an ancient temple… will you find its hidden treasures, or drown in its filthy waters? I made this temple with the help of some basic...

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Piranesi prison making of – a voxel tribute

Piranesi was an Italian artist from 17th century, mostly known for his drawings about imaginary prisons. Those dark places full of terror are fascinating, and I wanted to give it a try with a voxel tribute. The workflow was quite simple here, because Piranesi gave so many...

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