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Voxel gallery

Here’s a bunch of voxel creations, mostly from 2016/2017. For most of them, you will find more information, WIP and alternative views. My workflow is almost the same every time: modeling in Magicavoxel, export in OBJ and rendering in Cinema4D.


Collaborations projects are fun too! It’s a good occasion to meet other people and start working with them.

Robot wars


Some of my voxel scenes are animated within Cinema4D. Here are the results in HD.

Indiana Jones tribute

This is a fan art of the move Indiana Jones and the last crusade.

Throne room

A glimpse of the throne room, with a fly-through camera in 50fps. Made with Magicavoxel, rendered in C4D and composited with after effect. More info on Cartrdge

The bridge is on fire!

Old render test of some Magicavoxel modeling, imported in C4D and composited in After Effect.


Some quick render of the Rapunzel castle and its lantern lights, made with Magicavoxel and rendered with C4D.