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Tutorials about Magicavoxel and the workflow behind it. Some are in (bad) english, others in french. They talk about my workflow and other reflexions about voxel creation. I’ll try to add more later if you find them useful. Have a look, and excuse my french!

Working with Mixamo

I tried to explain in bad english my workflow to animate voxel characters. Can’t assure you it’s the pro way, but it worked for me. Version française : cliquez ici.

Basic workflow in Magicavoxel

I recorded this video to show my very simple and basic creative workflow. No complicated technics here, only thoughts and reflexion about how to model a voxel scene (french only).

Related videos

My youtube channel is also used for showing HD videos of some of my voxel scenes, rendered in Cinema4D. You may want to check those if you are interested in working with both a voxel editor and a 3D software.

My youtube channel

Other ressources

Many video tutorials about voxel creation can be found. Be sure to check Ephtracy’s ressource list (Magicavoxel dedicated), it’s full of great videos that will cover many other aspects and provide you with quick tips.

Also, be sure to check Marco Secchi’s Magicavoxel ressource page, containing tons of resources, tech articles, palettes and useful links.