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Project Mili videoclip – Mirror Mirror

The japanese music group Project Mili contacted me to create a 3 minute clip based on one of their new songs called Mirror Mirror. It involved 4 different scenes (a stage, a restaurant, the backstage, and a kitchen) put together and lit one after another. It...

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Mecha factory

I couldn't resist to model some gigantic mecha after watching Pacific Rim once again. The huge scale between those gigantic robots and their environment is very inspiring. You can  find some early WIP on my Twitter, an animation is being rendered at the moment and...

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Dungeon RPG

The dungeon RPG project is still a work in progress that allows me to test things, mixing voxels and traditional 3D in a RPG like dungeon. I'll dig further into this world with each new release of content, creating huge monsters to fight, and multiplication...

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Robot wars

This is a collaboration made with three voxel artists. The project is still a work in progress. @einschnellboot, @zmei23 and @sircarma kindly sent me their robot models (made with Magicavoxel) and I animated them as if they were contenders in a robot rumble. First contender : Second...

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Fan art – Loisel

I recently tried some character modeling in Magicavoxel, since I usually focus on environments. Started this time with a fanart from the French comic "la quete de l'oiseau du temps" by Regis Loisel. This is what I came up with : I tried some quick animation to...

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Lost temple

After many days of exploration, losing all your men to diseases and old traps, you finally found this huge ruin of an ancient temple… will you find its hidden treasures, or drown in its filthy waters? I made this temple with the help of some basic...

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