The watcher fanart

You must learn to avoid their gaze if you are to survive in the wilds! This is a Horizon Zero Dawn fanart, where I wanted to mix some voxel art with a lot of grass and see how those 2 elements behaved when mixed together....

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Voxel train

This train was made during a contest with the french Magicavoxel community. I didn't planned to animate it at first, but I wanted to test some recent smoke plugin (TurbulenceFD) on it and got carried away. The result is a looping environment, deformed in Cinema4D....

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shadow of the colossus fanart voxel

Shadow of the Colossus fanart

Shadow of the Colossus fanart - one of the mighty beasts from the game. This is a good mix of technics between the blocky style of voxel and the more organic look of the fur (made in C4D). This one is still a WIP for now....

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aztec maya temple voxel

Aztec temple

This model is made from various parts, made with Magicavoxel then rotated in C4D....

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Project mili

Mili musical clip

The japanese music group Project Mili contacted me to create a 3 minute clip based on one of their new songs called Mirror Mirror. It involved 4 different scenes (a stage, a restaurant, the backstage, and a kitchen) put together and lit one after another. It was a...

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lisbon by night - voxelart

Lisbon by night

Went to Lisbon in Portugal this summer and fell in love with the city and its nightlife. Percent subject for a voxel postcard!...

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voxel combat

Dungeon RPG

This is my first attempt as a game creator, with the creation of a deadly voxel dungeon RPG made with various assets. More info on the blog section. EDIT: you can now download my Dungeon Asset pack and start creating your own dungeon!...

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Bridge on fire

Some seamonster attack on a bridge. Once of my first big scenes with Magicavoxel, assembled in Cinema4D....

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loisel voxel temple

Blood temple

Tribute to Loisel, with a lost temple full of blood - one of those places you don't want to get lost into....

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