About Voxelmade

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Voxelmade is my personal portfolio: I started using voxel editors in 2016 and this site shows my creations and collaborations on various voxel projects. Don’t forget to check the blog section, I will regularly post tips and various voxel workflows.

Working with voxels can be both pretty simple and quite hard to get the result you were expecting. Every voxel creator has his own tips and tricks, I am far from being good at it but I’ll share my bits of knowledge and workflow.

Note: I am currently working with Magicavoxel but any other Voxel editor can be used.

Where to start ?

  • Choose a voxel editor
  • Give a try to some quick tutorials
  • Find your own style (check my gallery or other artists)
  • Start modeling something
  • Enhance it with another 3D soft (optional)
  • Publish your work on social networks
  • Don’t forget to export it on sketchfab to get a live view!