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Dungeon asset

Dungeon asset kit

Freshly made Dungeon asset kit. More than 130 separated pieces, various types of grounds, walls, doors, characters, traps, weapon sets, chests and loots! Perfect for creating wild epic treasure hunts in dark dungeons.

Modeled with Magicavoxel. Available in original .VOX files, and also exported to C4D and FBX in an optimized version (see below).


More than 130 separated pieces, source files included

dungeon assets

What’s included

Various walls
Doors (separated panels)
Stairs and ladders
Destructed elements

Interactive elements
Traps and switches
Crates and chests
Torture elements
Blood, bones
Light sources

Life and criters
Characters in T-pose
Some characters and weapons comes in 2 different scales (normal and HD – twice the size, meant to be reduced in game)

Example of templates built with the Dungeon asset kit

What you’ll get

Original .VOX files are included and fully editable within Magicavoxel or any other VOX compatible software. Each component is also separately exported in a global FBX file, and share the same set of texture (lightweight : 256×1).
This pack is provided « as is ». Although I stay open to special requests and comments, no refund can be claimed once the complete kit is bought. Feel free to experiment with the free version, or watch it live on sketchfab.

What’s next ?

Example scenes will soon be available with no additional cost. When additional elements are added to the original kit, buyers will be notified by mail and get a free upgrade.

This Dungeon Pack is the first of a series. Expect more to come, like shops, outsides, and even city parts (those assets may come as additional DLC)

About optimization

Voxel meshes can be quite polygon-heavy. That may be an issue on some smartphones, depending on the size of your scenes. That’s why some of the most frequent pieces of the asset, like floors and walls, comes in different meshes, with the minimum amount of polygons and extra texture files.
As for the rest of the assets – whenever it’s possible – the meshes are optimized with an average polygon reduction of 50% (zero N-gons, only triangles and quads).

Any question?

Better see and test it for yourself! Go check the sketchfab realtime demo, or try some free assets and play with it.

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