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Voxel artists and community

Here’s a quick selection of voxel artists and friends from the voxel community on Twitter. This is by no way a hall of fame, since I don’t know half of this ever-growing community and more artists are coming everyday. Go check their work and say hi, those are talented people and they don’t bite (except one, be careful).

EXM - Thibault Simar
Ex Machina

2D/3D illustrator and CG artist... also addicted to voxels ^__^

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avatar Sir Carma
Sir Carma

Seeing life in voxels.

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Voxel stuff

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Plays with pencils, paints, pixels, voxels and polygons.

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Digital designer - lead 3D artist @Vida Systems - freelancer - voxel artist

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Julien Dubedout

News, infos, conseils pour les graphistes (mais pas que) freelances

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#3d #2d #drawings #vfx

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Jesper Duffy


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3D / Voxel Artist

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Voxels & Pixels

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Mr Aaron

Artist - Illustrator - indieVR - Designer - Tech Guru - Futurist - Gamer

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Rafał Stańczyk

Civil engineer. Hobby: pixel art, voxel art, 3d

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Williyam Santacruz

3D / digital Artist

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Makes weird games with funny voxels

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Wasting my life making stuff out of sweet voxel goodness.

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Ciara Burkett

Pixel art, voxel art, and #altgames

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Professional Voxel artist, Animator and Art Director.

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gamedev voxelart lowpoly programming unity3d godotengine geek

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